A world of mystery and wonder!

Dreamsphere is a homebrew Dungeons and Dragons campaign. It uses the 5th edition core rules and mechanics. It definitely has some home brew mechanics, feats, and other odds and ends. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be truly a home brew. It is and has been a weekly campaign that has taken place through the entire year of 2021. And, hopefully will continue well into the future.

What is DreamSphere.net? This is a website that allows for us to share this with you! It will take you along for the ride. It will showcase our weekly installments of this adventurous world in which we have come to call home. It will also a be site in which we will have any other campaigns stories that we are rolling. As, well as be a place where we post reviews on popular fantasy merchandise. Things that make table top game play easier to run. As well as some things that are just down right cool, and we feel the need to share our findings with the community. 

We hope to expand this to more than just the base of the 5E Dungeons and Dragons community. There is a lot in the fantasy and sci-fi realms in which we can touch on. Whether its something like the new Dune movie that came out, the new season of The Witcher that is due to come out. Or, other styles of game such as Pathfinder, or War hammer. 

It will be a work in progress as we go, and grow. We are glad to have you along for the ride. Enjoy!